Blue Introduces New “Lola” Headphones

Blue, the microphone company who ventured into professional headphones last year with the widely respected Mo-Fi headset, has introduced a lighter weight, more compact model called Lola.

Blue's new Lola headphones

Blue's new Lola headphones

Blue said Lola was inspired by the same design philosophy for improved performance and personalized fit, but introduces a new lighter, slim-fit headband. Lola's sealed over-ear design and custom 50mm drivers still provide accurate sound reproduction, boosted by precision acoustic cabinets.

Lola shares the same custom 50mm drivers and enclosure architecture as the Mo-Fi headphone. Large cabinets behind the drivers deliver performance by maximizing the volume of air around the drivers. This design approach results in sound with tight low end, articulate and warm mid-range tones and extended high frequency response.

Mo-Fi headphones became popular for professional monitoring mixers in recording studios. The new Lola model provides the same sealed over-ear immersive sound as the larger headphones, as well as the comfort level.

What Lola does not share with the Mo-Fi model is the built-in amplifiers that drive the 50mm drivers. The Mo-Fi, boosted by the amplifiers, produced excellent sound in many monitoring situations, but the tradeoff was the larger size. Without the amps, the design for Lola is lighter and slimmer. The new headphones weigh 14 ounces compared to 16.4 ounces for the Mo-Fi.

First introduced with Mo-Fi, Blue's reinvented headband design features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system and pivoting arms that allow the headphones to stay perfectly parallel at all times.

Lola furthers this design with a new slimmer headband that provides comfort and adjustability for any head shape and size. Earcups shaped like ears provide a seal around the ears for bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed.

“We found that with almost every headphone in the marketplace, the phones articulate up and out,” said Gabriel Whyel, director of product marketing at Blue Microphones.

“But actually that’s not how the human head is shaped. We were watching F1 race cars and saw how the wheel suspension keeps the wheels perfectly aligned at all times. We thought that was a very interesting concept and tried applying it to the headphone form factor in several prototypes.

“In our design, we created a four-point, multi-jointed suspension system, a height articulation arm and swivel-mounted ear cups that are shaped like human ears. All this put together creates a much better fit than you can get with standard headphones. It has more comfort for long term listenability, consistent sound quality and isolation that is so effective that you are isolated from the outside world and the outside world is isolated from you.”

Lola comes with a soft travel case and two audio cables, including a three meter audio cable and a 1.5 meter cable with built-in microphone and Apple controls.

Without the built-in amp, Blue still promises "tight and powerful low end, articulate and warm mids, and accurate extended high frequency response."

The new headphones will sell for $250 and will be available in charcoal black and pearl white starting in November. The more expensive Mo-Fi headphones are priced at $350.

Gabriel Whyel, director of product marketing at Blue Microphones<br />

Gabriel Whyel, director of product marketing at Blue Microphones

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