Akamai Passes Farncombe Security Test for OTT Premium Video Delivery

Akamai Technologies, provider of global content delivery network (CDN) services, has announced that its OTT video delivery products have completed an audit by Farncombe. Now part of the Cartesian consultancy group, Farncombe has gained industry wide recognition for validating OTT video platforms for secure delivery of premium content including Hollywood movies. Farncombe’s validation confirms that relevant Akamai media content security products, including encryption, meet the specified standards for secure delivery of premium video content.

“Whether you are a service provider, studio or rights owner, OTT delivery of premium video content is likely to be a key cornerstone of your business,” said André Roy, Head of Security Practice, Farncombe. “We believe in validating security solutions to the highest industry standards to give everyone in the OTT video supply chain confidence that content is delivered securely.”

Farncombe recently subjected three Akamai secure delivery products to its security assessment. One was Media Encryption, encrypting online content from Akamai’s edge server to the player’s runtime system. Secondly was Token Authorization, authorizing the end user and preventing online link sharing and media player hijacking. Thirdly was Content Targeting to ensure that content is delivered from the Akamai edge server to IP addresses only in specific geographic regions.

According to Akamai, the auditing process comprised interviews with media security experts, on premise visits, and inspections of relevant software documentation, source code and live web applications. “Completing a rigorous audit by Farncombe, which is recognized by the major studios for its content security and testing services, helps assure OTT providers that they are working with a set of tools that meet incredibly strict standards to protect the value of their content offerings,” said John Bishop, CTO, Media, Akamai.

Akamai Media Services include one-stop content preparation, packaging for multiple online platforms and content protection technologies. Available for both live and on-demand media workflows, and complemented by Akamai NetStorage, Media Services integrate with Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions for online viewing. Akamai’s suite of media security capabilities also supports third-party digital rights management (DRM) systems, including Adobe Access, Apple’s FairPlay Streaming and Microsoft PlayReady, through its cloud-based Media Services. 

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