Clearcast Verifies Conformance with Vidchecker

Vidcheck recently announced that Clearcast, a company that pre-clears advertising for the UK’s major commercial broadcasters, has chosen Vidcheck’s Vidchecker quality control software for integration into the technical facilities at its London headquarters.

Owned by the largest UK commercial broadcasters, and with others as clients, Clearcast works with advertisers and agencies to help get ads on air and keep them there by ensuring compliance with the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising.

The Vidcheck Vidchecker can be controlled locally or remotely via a web browser. It removes the time-consuming tasks of checking conformance by eye and hand, the need to check video and audio compliance with traditional monitoring and metering equipment, and to manually correct levels.

In correct-on-error mode, Vidchecker intelligently corrects out-of-spec video levels and audio levels, including loudness. An integral media player allows an operator to play the video at alert points by clicking on automatically generated thumbnails.

“Having recently migrated to CopyCentral, our new copy clearance system, we have tightened adherence to our file specifications for digital file uploads,” comments Clearcast’s Chief Technology Officer, James Morgan-Yates. "VidChecker is now available to our support team and is proving invaluable in diagnosing file specification issues when agencies have trouble uploading. Spec adherence has always been a grey area and Clearcast is now able to feed back on issues within minutes, dramatically reducing time wasted when issues occur.

Vidchecker is widely used by many UK content providers to ensure their video and audio feeds conform to industry-defined signal and data standards. All commercials have to be uploaded and Vidchecker provides the ability to inspect the technical parameters in detail if an issue comes up during the process.

It has the flexibility to differentiate between critical parameters that cause agencies’ uploads to be rejected as well as lower level non-critical warnings. Vidchecker provides a report on any issues needing attention which is passed on to the agency.

Supplied Vidchecker standards templates include UK DPP and Netflix plus a ‘1 Click’ auto test template from known good media. Compliance standards supported also include ATSC/CALM, EBU R128, Netflix and UK/Japan PSE Flashing. Vidchecker is fully compatible with sub-SD, SD, HD and 4K resolution, including mixed workflows.

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