Triveni Digital Upgrades StreamScopes

Triveni Digital simplifies audio and video monitoring in modern networking infrastructures with new 10GigE capability for the StreamScope RM-40. The company also announced new HEVC functionality for its award-winning StreamScope MT-50 transport stream analysis and troubleshooting tool.

Triveni Digital recently announced significant upgrades in its popular StreamScope product line.

The new RM-40 10GigE Video QoS and QoE solution allows cable operators to minimize MTBF and reduce OPEX by decreasing rack space and power consumption. This end-to-end video monitoring and analysis solution, enables cable operators to quickly and cost-effectively identify and resolve video and audio quality issues, from the 10GigE core network all the way to the edge QAM, while ensuring compliance with closed-captioning and audio loudness standards and legislation.

It gives operators the power to detect, locate, and determine quickly which errors require a timely resolution as well as those that can be ignored. It includes a variety of advanced capabilities for detecting and eliminating issues with transmission that can cause noticeable video and audio impairments, such as video tiling, lip sync errors, intermittent tuning, inconsistent loudness levels, and missing components.

Through the system's automated stream comparison function, cable operators can check and report for expected relationships between digital video streams. The StreamScope RM-40 also provides real-time, intelligent filtering to speed up operations, classifying and filtering errors based on error severity scales defined by SCTE-142, the cable industry's standard for transport stream error verification.

It also features a color-coded Web-based user interface that displays video and audio thumbnails, bitrate graphs, loudness measurements, alert triggers and more, anytime, anywhere, on any device, including laptops, PCs, and mobile devices such as Apple iPhone and Android smartphones.

HEVC support was added to the StreamScope MT-50.

HEVC support was added to the StreamScope MT-50.

MT-50 upgraded

New HEVC capability of the StreamScope MT-50 will be showcased at the SCTE Cable Tec Expo in New Orleans. Advanced features such as HEVC support, intelligent filtering, closed captioning analyses, and audio monitoring, allow StreamScope MT-50 operators to quickly detect and resolve transport stream errors, ensuring superior quality of service (QoS) for viewers.

The StreamScope MT-50 supports a broad range of video compression schemes, from HEVC to H.264 and MPEG-2, allowing operators to make a smooth transition to an all-HEVC infrastructure.

The new HEVC capability is available for all versions of the StreamScope MT-50, including the StreamScope Portal, an ultraportable, touchscreen tablet-based analyzer. The HEVC capability is also part of the StreamScope MT-50 HDT, which offers a 10 GigE interface option and a 16:9 HD touchscreen for easy, efficient transport stream analysis and troubleshooting.

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