Field Report: WMPB & WMPT Upgrade with New EXACT-ATSC DTV Exciters

Maryland Public Television is a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). MPT’s six transmitters cover Maryland plus portions of contiguous states and the District of Columbia. Two MPT transmitters were recently upgraded with new ATSC DTV digital exciters.

 Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC announced that Maryland Public Television (MPT) has upgraded its existing digital TV transmitters at WMPB (Baltimore; D29) and WMPT (Annapolis; D42) with new EXACT-ATSC Digital TV exciters from COMARK. The WMPB station uses an Ultimate solid state transmitter, originally installed in 2001 and the WMPT station uses a DCX IOT transmitter that was installed in 1998. Both stations replaced the existing main and standby exciters for superior system reliability as well as enhanced RF performance.

Introduced at NAB 2015, the EXACT-ATSC exciters were developed as drop-in replacements for existing COMARK transmitters; however they are also available to operate in a standalone mode for use with third party transmitter products. EXACT is built on a 1RU rack-mount hardware platform that is loaded with ATSC firmware. The EXACT-ATSC exciters feature “DualCast” technology that is easily upgraded via firmware from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0; protecting investment today for use tomorrow.

As with previous generations of DTV exciters from COMARK, EXACT leap frogs the industry again with an even higher performing Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP). DAP automatically corrects both the linear and non-linear system distortions inherent to all DTV systems. The use of COMARK’s DAP provides the lowest cost of operation with very high system efficiency and RF SNR performance.

The EXACT platform includes simple local control and monitoring using a front panel backlit LCD display. The exciter can also be remotely controlled via user friendly and intuitive built-in web GUI.

An optional SNMP client is available for operators that want to incorporate a third party NMS.

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