RR Media Launches Open Media Service Platform for Sports

RR Media, an Israeli based provider of digital media services, has announced solaRR Active as its customized sports media service platform. This is designed to help sports organizations maximize exposure and increase revenues through a range of media services, while giving them secure global access and control over their media assets and delivery.

solaRR Active is a one-stop open media service platform. It incorporates services such as global hybrid distribution for all rights-licensees, multi-platform management and delivery of live and VOD sports content, integration of enhanced data to create new sports content assets, along with digital and social media applications to connect and engage with fans. It utilizes cloud based technologies combining broadcast with online delivery effectively.

Susanna Mandel-Montello, VP Global OU, Sports & Events commented: “Sports is a key focus for RR Media. The NFL, NBA Premium TV, Arsenal FC, Fox Sports, IMG, MP & Silva, the Laureus World Sports Awards and Fight Sports are just some of the top names using RR Media’s complete range of sports media services.”

RR Media’s range of digital media services cover four main areas. These are: smart global content distribution network with an optimized combination of satellite, fiber and the Internet; content management and channel origination; sports, news & live events; and online video services. It claims to have more than 1,000 broadcasters, content owners, sports leagues and right holders as customers, delivering content to 95% of the world’s TV viewers via multiplatform operators, VoD, online video and direct-to-home services. 

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