​Imagine Supports Apple OS X in PreRoll Post

Imagine Products says it will continue to support Apple technology by announcing that all its Mac applications support El Capitan, the latest Mac OS X update.

"We've been developing Mac software for a long time. It's one of the most stable and the most widely used platform in the media and entertainment industry," said Dan Montgomery, the President of Imagine Products. "We appreciate and emulate Apple's constant technological advances for our industry and the world."

Imagine Product's LTFS archiving application, PreRoll Post is optimised for OS X 10.11. PreRoll Post takes advantage of the Linear Tape File System and can be paired with any LTO tape drive or Sony's Optical Disc Archive (ODA).

"El Capitan builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of little ways that make a big difference," according to Apple.

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