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SGL’s FlashNet Now Integrated with Data Expedition’s ExpeDat Gateway for Amazon Web Services

SGL has integrated its content management software, FlashNet, with Data Expedition, Inc.’s ExpeDat Gateway for Amazon S3.

SGL’s integration of FlashNet enables broadcasters and content owners to transfer media directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) at maximum speed — providing an additional means of storage and disaster recovery workflows.

FlashNet coupled with ExpeDat Gateway for Amazon S3 provides a cost-effective file transfer solution, enabling files to be transferred to and from S3 at up to 700 Mbit/s. Once data is stored in S3 it can be moved to Amazon Glacier using a standard AWS interface, providing a more affordable long-term storage option.

The combined SGL and Data Expedition solution can be deployed quickly and is scalable. FlashNet’s rules-based implementation provides automated data duplication across multiple storage layers and locations.

Using FlashNet, operators can create additional rules that send material directly to the cloud. The FlashNet archive is able to track and record exactly where material is at any given time, regardless of long-term storage method. It can also alert third-party systems, such as the MAM, that content is available for download.

“The cloud is becoming a viable option for broadcasters and content owners who want secure, long-term storage for disaster recovery workflows,” said Lee Sheppard, SGL’s director of product management. “By transferring data to the cloud using the combination of FlashNet and ExpeDat Gateway for Amazon S3, users can very quickly and easily store their material. FlashNet provides a rich set of tools to optimize the benefits of the various archiving platforms, including tape, disk, optical disk and cloud.”

SGL’s FlashNet has over 4,500 installations around the world. Data Expedition is the creator of the world’s first high-performance file transfer software that is completely free of legacy transport bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. 

Lee Shepard, SGL director of product management

Lee Shepard, SGL director of product management

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