New Tektronix Generator Eases Transition to IP-based Video Infrastructure

Tektronix recently unveiled its new SPG8000A Master Sync Generator with field-upgradeable PTP Grandmaster Clock capabilities at IBC 2015. The product is designed to support Hybrid IP-based and SDI-based broadcast facility infrastructures.

For most broadcast and video production facilities, the migration to an IP-based video infrastructure will occur incrementally over time. Tektronix recently unveiled its new master sync generator at IBC that supports such a gradual migration strategy by supporting both traditional SDI-based video and new IP-based video infrastructures in the same instrument.

The new high-performance SPG8000A hybrid master sync generator comes standard with multiple independent black burst and HD tri-level sync outputs that meet the synchronization needs of traditional baseband video broadcast or production facilities. The instrument also incorporates an optional, field-upgradeable IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clock that enables precise synchronization of IP-based production workflow.

The SPG8000A features a robust hardware design that ensures reliable operation and high availability even in demanding mobile environments. It has a hot-swappable dual power supply system with daily load test of the backup power supply to ensure it is ready when needed.

Features such as Stay GenLock and GPS Holdover and Recovery system prevent synchronization shock to the system during the loss and recovery of the reference input signal to help ensure that broadcast signals can be maintained at all times.

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