BHV Broadcast and CueScript Announced Technical Partnership at IBC

BHV Broadcast, manufacturer of power-over-coax products, and CueScript, a specialist in teleprompters, have announced a technical partnership that will leverage both companies’ skills to deliver a prompter with a secure and reliable power source.

BHV’s Video Ghost, a power-over-coax system, can power the entire CueScript line of products which includes the flagship CSM line of LED high-brightness HD-SDI prompter monitors, and the CS CueNumber double digit cue lights. The system also works with CueScript’s EMC line of prompters designed for education, middle market and corporate applications.

“CueScript's top priority is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and users,” said Brian Larter, director of CueScript. “BHV Broadcast has already proved to be a valuable technical resource, and Video Ghost is an incredible enhancement to our teleprompter range enabling us to provide our customers with a unique prompting experience. We look forward to a successful future working together on joint developments.” 

CueScript Teleprompter

CueScript Teleprompter

Video Ghost offers a method to transport DC power and SDI video over a single cable. The video equivalent of phantom power for audio, the system runs serial digital video and DC power in one standard coaxial cable, removing the need for batteries or local AC power sources.

Video Ghost can supply 65 watts of power at distances of 500 feet. It can be used to power devices in locations of difficult access, such as monitors or cameras on gantries or staging towers without the added cost and safety implications of running local mains power. It also offers optional HDMI monitoring of SDI video feeds.

Video Ghost can power the entire CueScript line of products which includes the flagship CSM line of LED high brightness HD-SDI prompter monitors, and the CS CueNumber double digit cue lights – all of which are geared toward a range of live and studio productions.

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