Envivio and Dolby to Stage High Dynamic Range/AC-4 Demo

Looking to spotlight the improvements in image quality at higher dynamic ranges, at the 2015 IBC Show in Amsterdam Envivio, a provider of software-based video processing, delivery and monetization solutions, will join with Dolby Laboratories to demonstrate Envivio’s Muse Live Ultra HD video processing software working in tandem with Dolby’s Dolby Vision televisions (including Dolby AC-4 processing) to showcase Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with vivid High Dynamic Range (HDR).

In Amsterdam at the Envivio stand (1.D73) a feed will be encoded in HEVC along with the HDR information by Envivio Muse Live UHD in real-time and played back on a 65-inch Dolby Vision compatible UHD (“4K”) television. The Envivio encoder has been used in many successful UHD broadcasts, such as FIFA’s World Cup, the UEFA Soccer Championship Final and the French Open tennis tournament for distribution across satellite, cable TV, terrestrial or IP networks.

Dolby Vision delivers a dramatically enhanced visual experience through the use of innovative HDR and wide color-gamut imaging technologies, both on-screen and in specially mastered content.

Envivio is demonstrating real-time encoding in both Dolby Vision and Dolby AC-4, a new audio format that addresses the current and future needs of audio entertainment services; including broadcast and Internet streaming. Dolby AC-4 delivers high audio quality to the consumer within reduced bandwidth.

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