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Wheatstone Adds New Features to IP-Friendly Dimension Three Console

Wheatstone has added new touchscreen options for its IP-enabled Dimension Three TV audio console that enables operators to use familiar smartphone gestures such as “pinching” to easily make edits during fast-paced projects.

The Dimension Three is the industry’s first IP networked digital mixing console for TV production. The board is known for its intuitive layout and versatility as a large-format audio console that can fit into almost any production environment.

The touchscreen features a simple tabbed menu that eliminates a “sea of knobs” for basic functions such as setting talkback, configuring bus matrices, muting mic groups, and managing sources. Also new is an interrogation feature for drilling down into function settings, such as a quick view of the entire mix-minus matrix in one glance.

Dimension Three is available with new Gibraltar IP Mix Engine for interface into the WheatNet-IP audio network, a fully integrated system that ships with all the audio tools, control functions, and network capabilities needed to take full advantage of IP audio.

In addition to two stereo and two 5.1 surround master busses, Dimension Three provides an impressive 16 dedicated mix-minus busses and 16 stereo AUX sends plus a bus-minus (N-1) output for every input channel (up to 128 inputs distributed across eight control layers). It offers up-mixing and down-mixing between stereo and 5.1 surround, plus a full complement of stereo and 5.1 surround panning with EQ and dynamics processing available for each input, each subgroup and each program bus.

Also new at the Wheatstone stand will be the Gibraltar IP Mix Engine, which provides Wheatstone’s line of audio consoles with direct connectivity into WheatNet-IP, an AES67 compatible IP audio network with all the necessary broadcast audio tools and controls integrated into one robust, distributed network.

The new Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is available for Dimension Three, Series Four, D8-EX and now new Series Two and IP-64 digital mixing consoles from Wheatstone. The new engine can handle 1,024 channels of audio, giving IP audio consoles the ability to handle any post- or live production challenges thrown at them.

The Wheatstone Dimension Three console will be on display at the IBC 2015 Show (stand 8.A86), where the company’s new IP Mix Engine, with its AES67-compatible IP audio network interface, will also be demonstrated.

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