Vector 3 Celebrates 20 Years at IBC with More New Solutions

Vector 3 is proud to announce that this year it is attending IBC for the 20th time. The company expects IBC to be the best appointment to the world of electronic media and entertainment ever. This year, Vector 3 is bringing a whole new set of solutions for the broadcast industry, including 4K and HD playout.

This year, the Vector 3 team is bringing to IBC 2015 a new pack for the broadcast industry.  Visitors to Vector 3's stand will have the chance to watch 4K and HD Playout solutions at work, with dynamic redundancy management and optimized workflow automation tools to improve operator productivity, when managing multi-channel environments.

The most in-demand needs in broadcast industry will be a reality the year Vector 3 celebrates its 20th anniversary at the show. From 11 to 15 September 2015, the company is showcasing its newest solutions for broadcasting. Vector 3's continuing commitment to customer requirements allow us to unveil for the first time at IBC, Amsterdam's most important show of the industry, the most expected playout solutions; our 4K and HD playout automation solutions shaped in the new VectorBox models VectorBox XL and VectorBox LT.

These two models boast respectively XMIO 3 and LE4, the most recent additions to the Matrox portfolio.

Vector 3 is a high performance IT-based broadcast system. Delivering play out automation, multi-format video servers with built-in effects and graphics, and all the tools for managing a file-based workflow, Vector 3 systems match and surpass the most demanding requirements for multi-channel playout, channel branding, commercial disconnection, and disaster recovery.

For more than 30 years, the company has pioneered the introduction of IT into broadcasting master control, automation and play out, achieving many industry firsts, including the first frame accurate PC-based automation system, the first PC-based video server, the first format-agnostic video server, and the first distributed multi-channel IT-only playout system.

Supported by a global network of system integrators and engineers, Vector 3's solutions are used around the world by more than a thousand broadcasters, for multi-site multi-channel broadcasting, single-channel operation, and business continuity.

Visit Vector 3 at IBC 2015, Stand 7.C01.

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