Thinklogical to Showcase TLX Extension and Switching System at IBC 2015

Thinklogical is the first to deliver uncompressed 4K at 60Hz video over just two cables. Company to show full range of high-productivity signal management solutions for broadcast, OB truck and post-production applications.

Thinklogical will be showing its award-winning TLX Series matrix switches and extenders at IBC 2015. TLX is the first KVM system in the market able to extend and switch uncompressed 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) video at full resolution and color depth (up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, 4:4:4 color depth) at 60Hz frame rate using only two fibers or CATx cables.

TLX provides industry-leading 10Gbps performance and a flexible and modular uncompressed signal transmission architecture, reducing the cost and infrastructure required to manage content created in the growing 4K/UHD industry standard, and increasing workflow efficiency and productivity without compromising quality, resolution, reliability or performance. With the lowest signal latency in the industry (microseconds, vs. milliseconds for compressed solutions), TLX delivers precise pixel-for-pixel transmission of 4K/UHD video with no visual artifacts, jitter or lost frames.

“Broadcast and post-production users no longer need to compromise creativity and productivity due to the sub-par resolution, jitter and latency generated by compressed KVM and video extension and switching systems,” said Joe Pajer, president and CEO of Thinklogical. “TLX delivers the quality of uncompressed [email protected] video and computer peripheral extension at a price point competitive with KVM products using signal compression. It’s a game-changer for creative professionals looking to make the move to 4K.”

Live demonstrations in the Thinklogical stand at IBC 2015 include the new TLX48 (48 port), TLX320 (320 port) matrix switches, and the TLX640 (640 ports), the world’s largest non-blocking, protocol-agnostic, single-frame KVM and video matrix. Other booth demonstrations include KVM and video extension over long distances with redundant fiber paths for increased uptime and reliability, and Secure Restricted Switching, which highlights Thinklogical’s unique ability to manage multiple classifications of information through a single matrix switch chassis.

The company will also be exhibiting a full range of high-performance video and computer peripheral signal management products optimized for broadcast, OB truck and post-production applications.

Visit Thinklogical at IBC 2015 in Stand 10.A24.

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