Lynx Technik Brings New 4K and 8K Solutions to IBC

Lynx Technik, famous for its feature-rich, brick-style line of production and transport products, will demonstrate several new 4K/3D/3G/HD/SD and fiber and signal processing solutions at IBC 2015.

The  Lynx Technik stand at IBC will be filled with new solutions. Among them well be the PMV 1841 Quad-Split yellobrik. It is a compact, portable quad-split processor that supports the display of 4x 3G/HD/SDI-SDI inputs on a single HDMI display. It includes an integrated 4K down converter, for applications that require 4K (12G, quad-link) HDMI monitoring.

The OTR 1442 yellobrik 4K transmission system is LYNX Techniks new 4K fiber solution. It can address a number of signal applications such as 4 x SDI (4K 12G) Fiber Transport, with the option of adding Ethernet or Serial RS232 plus GPI.

Connecting the OTR 1441 4K transmission solution into the OTR 1442 expansion port will add 4x more SDI channels to the system. This enables the transport of uncompressed 8 x SDI (8K 24G) over a single fiber link. The OTR 1441 and OTR 1442 can also be combined to send and receive 4K (12G) over a single fiber link to form an 8 x SDI (2x 12G) 4K Bi-Directional Fiber Transport. The products are ideal for the transmission of 4K over long distances up to 20 kilometers (12 miles).

The new release of yelloGUI (version 2.3.0) is now Windows 10 compatible. The yelloGUI software application is a free download which provides extended and enhanced access to internal yellobrik settings and controls, many of which are not accessible from the provided local controls and switches.

The new release of our APPolo software (version 8.4.0) is also Windows 10 compatible. The LYNX APPolo control system is a powerful yet simple solution in terms of implementation and use. It facilitates remote control, status monitoring and error reporting of all connected LYNX hardware within one centralized system.

Visit Lynx Technik AG at IBC 2015 - Stand 8.C70.

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