Avateq Showing In-Band RF Layer Monitoring at IBC

Modern transmitting systems and networks rely on sophisticated structures to ensure robust signal broadcasting and compliance with regulations such as frequency allocation, etc. Avateq’s new in-band analysis feature detects RF layer problems.

At IBC 2015, Avateq is introducing in-band analysis as a standard feature of AVQ1020 - RF Layer Monitoring Receiver. With the new functionality, various types of signal deterioration due to in-band interference can be easily detected.

Signal quality depends on the properly adjusted and tuned transmitting system. Some of the hidden and often hard to detect sources of signal deterioration are non- and linear in-band distortions, signal clipping, in-band spurs and limited bandwidth noise.

The new in-band analysis standard feature of the AVQ1020 – ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring Receiver provides analysis of in-band distortions and interference. It is a powerful tool for transmitting and communication system troubleshooting and performance optimization. With the new functionality, the undesired causes of SNR degradation can be detected, including any unwanted signal buried under the main lobe.

Visit Avateq at IBC 2015 Stand 2.A41f.

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