ATEME Partners with Nexguard to Watermark Pre-release HDR Content

NexGuard and ATEME, launched a joint solution for the forensic watermarking of pre-release High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content at IBC.

The innovative solution is integrated with ATEME’s TITAN Software Transcoder.

Leaks of pre-release content can prove disastrous for studios and post-production houses as they significantly decrease the value of high quality content,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, SVP Products and Solutions, NexGuard. “Collaborating with a world leader such as ATEME to ensure that HDR content is easily traceable is a tremendous step for us, and we’re proud to see our products helping to keep high value content assets secure while they are in production.”

The solution is based on the NexGuard Software Development Kit (SDK), integrated with ATEME TITAN Software Transcoders, to enable customers to identify leaks prior to delivering content to the home over UHD and HDR-ready TVs. The combination complies with the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 specifying Ultra High Definition (UHD) and HDR encoding, and will deliver lifelike picture quality to provide consumers with stunning video content.

The ATEME-NexGuard solution utilizes UHD 12 or 16-bit uncompressed source content to prepare HDR versions of content for Blu-Ray and electronic distribution. The images are watermarked and encoded to 10-bit Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) HDR with 45 Mbit/sec High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), then rendered on an HDR capable UHD TV.

“Studios and post-production houses customers need the piracy threat to be addressed before making significant investments in HDR content and facilities,” said Emmanuel Boureau, VP Sales at ATEME. “Working with NexGuard provides us with a solution tailored for high quality pre-release content, which we can easily integrate directly within our encoders to increase content protection.

From its specification as an essential part of Digital Cinema security to being the core technology for tracking of pre-release files, disc screeners and eScreeners, forensic watermarking has become an essential tool in the prevention of illicit redistribution of content. The NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions are designed to meet the full array of evolving security challenges facing the Television and Motion Picture industries across Digital Cinema, Pre-Release, PayTV and Online deployments.

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