Telestream to Debut Numerous Solutions at IBC

At IBC 2015, Telestream is showcasing the latest advances in its Vantage media processing platform. A new Camera Ingest option saves time for post & news users; VOD Producer DAI establishes significant new revenue streams for broadcasters & content owners in every geographic region.

The Telestream Vantage is enterprise-class transcoding and workflow automation software that allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily and efficiently ingest, edit, transform, package, monetize and distribute their media. The Vantage platform is based on a flexible service-oriented architecture that is made up of discrete services and connectors that combine to create powerful automated workflows – all under one unified system control.

Vantage Camera Ingest

As cameras multiply, the volume of footage created during production has become unmanageable. Vantage Camera Ingest frees creative storytellers to focus on editing, instead of worrying about formats and manually finding, importing and transcoding media files. For Avid Interplay environments, multi-resolution clips can be created automatically in Interplay while allowing frame-chase editing. Using timecode metadata, Vantage can also automatically stitch and time-align shots, creating daily stringouts and simplifying multi-camera shoots.

This new facility allows users to create camera-specific hot folders, which can watch either card readers or folders on hard drives. These hot folders understand complex camera file formats, and allow users to prescribe rules for shot detection, stitching and ingest. Fully featured software running on servers then automates ingest, transcoding and import of shots into the editing system.

Avid integration

At the heart of Avid workflows, Vantage automates media and metadata ingest from incoming video feeds, assets and files to solve users’ most complex transcoding and file-delivery scenarios. Telestream extends this support with new cost savings for Avid users.

Making its European debut at IBC 2015, the new Lightspeed K80 Server offers significant speed and productivity improvements over previous Lightspeed Servers for products built on the Vantage media processing platform.

The latest GPU/CPU acceleration technologies are utilized to boost video processing and H.264 encoding speeds. This means fewer nodes are required to process more files in less time – allowing users to save time and be more productive. Housed in a high-density 1 RU (rack unit) chassis, the Lightspeed K80 also reduces space, electrical and thermal requirements.

Time warp with Tempo

Tempo is a new time adjustment solution for re-timing file-based content and intelligently adjusting the running time of shows and segments. It utilizes new time adjustment algorithms that deliver superior quality and faster turn-around times. Built on the Vantage platform, and running on the new Lightspeed K80 Server, Tempo is easy to use and offers all of the benefits of the industry's leading workflow management and transcoding system.

Tempo is a product with substantial ROI by providing the ability to match running time to available time. It is particularly important for companies working with content from other eras or other regions of the world where the ad timing is different than their current format.

Post Producer

Also built on the Vantage platform, Post Producer is a file-based content assembly software system that addresses the issue of repetitive rendering of different versions of media. Based on user templates and controlled via simple work order spreadsheet input, Post Producer automatically assembles multi-layer composites from video and graphics - enabling the creation of uniquely-branded versions of the same package for different distribution services.

Visit Telestream at IBC2015 on Stand 7.G30.

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