Brainstorm’s TeleTransporter at IBC

Using advanced 3D graphics, Brainstorm’s TeleTransporter can insert live characters into a virtual set at any remote location using independent camera tracking technology.

Watch out for the crowds around Brainstorm Multimedia’s 8 square meter green screen theatre at IBC if their Infinity Set 2.0 demonstration draws the same kind of throngs they attracted in Las Vegas at the NAB Show 2015. Fortunately, at IBC there will be a new presentation scheduled every 20 minutes.

“IBC is a great opportunity for us to meet existing Brainstorm users as well as new prospects looking to enhance their broadcast offering,” said Brainstorm CEO, Ricardo Montesa.

Brainstorm's Infinity Set

Brainstorm's Infinity Set

The eye-popping feature at IBC this year is Brainstorm’s TeleTransporter. It creates real time insertions of live characters in a real time event happening at a remote location. With its “virtual traveler” function TeleTransporter’s realistic 3D imagery gives a visual representation of something out of Star Trek if not actually teleporting matter through space.

You can see how this performs in action in this video from last April’s NAB Show 2015.

Infinity Set – Brainstorm’s Virtual Studio presentation at NAB 2015

To keep the inserted character in sync with the real live talent in the virtual scene, Brainstorm has also come up with an independent camera tracking technology called TrackFree that can detect the exact location of the presenter and ensure the correct positioning of the talent within the scene. TrackFree combines the precision of real camera tracking systems with the flexibility and ease of use of modern trackless systems along the lines of Brainstorm’s Lite version of the Infinity Set.

"Virtual Traveler" characters interact with virtual objects.

Brainstorm will also be showing off Aston 3D, their real time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout system. Celebrating 40 years since Aston was launched, Aston is now on version 1.4.2 and is available in three different configurations: Aston 3D, Aston 3D Lite and Aston 2D.

Finally, Brainstorm will be presenting BrainNews, a MOS-capable (Media Object Server protocol-capable) on-air graphics control system enabling Brainstorm’s 3D graphics integration into Newsroom workflows without requiring continuous input from the graphics department.

See Brainstorm at IBC - Stand 7.K31.

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