Newtec Sets a Record for Transponder Throughput

After previously breaking several data throughput speed records, Newtec, a provider of satellite communications technology, recently worked with Intelsat in Germany to conduct a live demonstration of Newtec’s MDM6000 Satellite Modem.

The demonstration was conducted at Intelsat’s Fuchsstadt teleport in Germany, where engineers from both companies used the MDM6000, with Newtec’s built-in Bandwidth Cancellation technology, to set the record.

The company said that maximizing bits per second per Hz has always been a priority and is becoming increasingly important as satellite operators and service providers look to launch new services while also delivering higher performance and improved economics for their customers.

“This is an important achievement, as it shows our ability to fully utilize the capabilities of next generation satellites using Newtec technology that is available today,” said Dave Suffys, Product Manager for IP Modems at Newtec. “With a spectral efficiency of more than 10 bps/Hz, one can, for example, handle a bidirectional E1 in just 400 kHz,”

Suffys said the demonstration illustrates Newtec’s efficiency at any delivery rate, whether on a low-speed voice or data connection or for medium-speed backhaul links, all the way up to ultra high-speed trunks. He said a gain of at least 30 percent in space capacity could be achieved for any bidirectional link.

“Intelsat is committed to delivering higher performance, improved economics and simpler access to our satellites. We will do this through supporting innovation in-orbit as well as on the ground,” said Michael DeMarco, Senior Vice President, Operations at Intelsat. “The demonstration with Newtec further advances our goals and it was great to see the efficiencies generated by Newtec’s technology first-hand and importantly, the operational benefits that it will deliver to our customers. We will leverage increased efficiencies, such as this achievement by Newtec, to advance our entry into new applications, expanding the addressable market for our satellite-based solutions.”

The Newtec MDM6000 Satellite Modem combines a number of features to improve efficiencies currently available on the market and lower the overall Total Cost of Ownership. New modulation and Forward Error Correction codes up to 256 APSK in the DVB-S2X standard, while embedded technologies—including 133 Mbaud wideband support, Clean Channel Technology, intelligent Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC), FlexACM and Equalink 3—bring the satellite link to full efficiency.

Adding Newtec’s built-in Bandwidth Cancellation technology enables the transmission of two carriers in an overlay fashion, while improving the performance even more for any point-to-point application.

The MDM6000 will be among several products exhibited by Newtec at IBC2015 (stand 1.A49).

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