SmallHD Makes the Camera Head the Hub of On-Set Video Monitoring

The free firmware version 2.0 upgrade for SmallHD’s 502 Full-HD 5-inch on-camera monitor and Sidefinder swing-out digital viewfinder gives them the ability to simultaneously output video to downstream screens over HDMI and SDI, enabling camera monitoring throughout the set.

At IBC 2015, SmallHD will be demonstrating new capabilities for its 502 Full HD 5-inch on-camera monitor and Sidefinder swing-out digital viewfinder that will let both of them become the central hub of all video monitoring on a production set.

The new firmware version 2.0 gives each the ability to output video to other downstream screens using HDMI and SDI or both simultaneously while at the same time embedding a 3D LUT (Look Up Table) that converts the videographers S-Log recordings into viewable video on a normal monitor.

“Viewing video with the help of a 3D LUT means that the client or producer doesn’t have to try to interpret the flat look of Log video recorded by most of today’s high end cameras,” said Wes Phillips, CEO of SmallHD. “Or the colorist who is going to be subsequently working on those video files can export a series of 3D LUT’s out of a DaVinci or Scratch system to immediately see how they affect the video while each take is being shot.”

With post production decisions increasingly being made during principal photography, and clients on the set wanting to see what they are paying for in real time, this version 2.0 firmware upgrade brings the convenience of viewing corrected dailies to the video village, the DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)’s screen and the producer’s booth even while the shoot is still in progress.

Selecting individual LUT’s is facilitated by a “pages” system of presets that lets a specific output “page” show precisely what signal and selected LUT is being sent downstream. At the same time the operator can concentrate on setting up other pages to check focus and exposure without affecting the signal being sent to the other monitors, satisfying the needs of both the crew and the clients.

Several other tools have been added to the operation of SmallHD’s on-camera monitors and Sidefinder viewfinder with vers. 2.0 including a waveform display called RGB Parade for the three primary colors, access to SDI metadata on the monitor, and brightness/contrast adjustments in the settings menu. All of these can be saved as a “profile” on a removable SD card.

See SmallHD at IBC - Stand 11.E55.

SmallHD Sidefinder

SmallHD Sidefinder

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