Dalet Announces IBC Plans

Advancements in file management, collaborative tools and enterprise capabilities keep Dalet at the forefront of media workflow, helping media organizations of all sizes strengthen operations for faster and more efficient global content distribution.

Dalet Digital Media Systems will showcase new media management offerings and workflow advancements at this year’s IBC 2015.

Designing, automating and monitoring transcode workflows, critical for multiplatform distribution, is now easier with the combination of Dalet AmberFin transcoder and Dalet Workflow Engine. Leveraging the Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) 2.0-compliant workflow designer, users are able to quickly and easily create complex workflow chains with little or no prior experience. Deployed workflows can be monitored at any level of detail with graphical and textual reporting of workflow instances.

Ensuring content owners can reach their audience in the most efficient way, Dalet Galaxy now publishes directly to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Enhancing the production route to distribution, the new Dalet “Work Order” capability provides the visibility both operators and managers need. Work Orders are imported from a third-party system as an object into the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management platform (MAM); thanks to Dalet Galaxy Work Order updates, users can then view the progress at any point during the project by opening the associated Work Order object.

The new Dalet Media Packages feature further simplifies the ability to manage complex assets across the enterprise. At a glance, Dalet users can see all of the elements associated with a specific complex asset, in preparation for multi-platform delivery for example, including the relationships between assets, visually mapped out.

Raising the Collaborative Workflow Bar

Topping the list of new collaborative offerings shown at IBC is deeper integration between Adobe Premiere Pro and the Dalet Brio and Dalet Galaxy platforms. Via the Adobe Panel, Dalet Brio operators can start, stop, monitor, quality check and ingest directly from the Adobe Premiere Pro interface.

The newly redesigned chat and messaging module provides Dalet Galaxy, Dalet WebSpace and the Dalet On-the-Go mobile application a unified, modern chat interface with support for persistent chats, group chats, messaging offline users and much more.

Latest Formats and Hardware

The consolidation of business in the broadcast industry has left a gap in the skills required to handle complex file-based caption and subtitle workflows. Dalet is filling that gap with a standards-based cross-platform strategy for the handling of captioning workflow across its three platforms – Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Brio and Dalet AmberFin. With the ability to read and write standards-constrained TTML, caption and subtitle data is searchable and editable inside the Dalet Galaxy MAM. Dalet AmberFin extracts and inserts subtitle and caption data to and from standard subtitle and caption transport, while Dalet Brio is able to capture caption- and subtitle-containing ancillary data packets to disk and play them back.

Extending existing UHD capabilities, Dalet AmberFin now supports high-quality up- and down-conversion to and from UHD to HD/SD in the scalable and fault-tolerant transcoder for a range of formats, as well as playback to the desktop or 4k monitoring. Dalet Brio brings UHD into the fold with support for ingest and playback via its client applications Media Navigator, Remote Recorder/Player and Multicamera Manager.

Support for Matrox XMIO3 and LE4 hardware keep Dalet Brio systems in step with the latest technology releases, while support for the new HP servers DL380 G9 and Windows Server 2012 R12 expand options for migrating forward.

Visit Dalet at IBC 2015 on stand 8.b77.

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