BASE Media Cloud Wins Soho Business

UK post production facilities TC Soho and Green Rock, have adopted BASE Media Cloud’s storage as a service platform. Green Rock have signed up for a tailored backup and disaster recovery solution enabling the scheduled transfer of specific project and media files from the company’s Fitzrovia premises across to BASE’s cloud storage platform, hosted just outside West London.

Simon Green, MD at Green Rock, comments: “BASE are helping us by providing a secure, off-site backup solution for our projects and media currently held on our tier 1 storage systems. By using BASE, we know our clients media assets are backed up in a safe and secure facility, and can be restored instantly if needed’.

The pay per use billing model provided by BASE has enabled Green Rock to start with an entry-level capacity solution and grow their storage capacity incrementally over time, without any up front costs or capital expenditure. Having been recently presented with an alternative vendor upgrade quote for purchasing in-house storage, Green believes his company will now be saving over £2,000 annually by working in collaboration with BASE: “We are an agile company, focused on talent and creating great content, so we want to put investment into quality production and post, rather than expensive kit that will depreciate and need upgrading more quickly than we can keep up with. By outsourcing file storage and transfer services to BASE, who are specialists in what they do, we can focus on our core creative business.”

Content processing and delivery specialists, TC Soho, have also joined to enable the secure storage and distribution of file-based masters, including the latest DPP AS-11 standard for UK Broadcasters. By using the backend technology solutions provided by BASE, TC Soho is looking to modernise the way it deals with today’s fully digital media work flows.

The facility will also provide digitisation services for clients who have existing legacy tape-based media content that requires conversion to file-based formats for long-term digital storage, management and distribution. Managing Director JP Dash commented: “New media file delivery standards mean that media companies are now rethinking the way they must store and distribute mastered content. Working with BASE allows us to extend our storage needs at the touch of a button and provide our clients with visibility and access to their media, anytime and anywhere.”

As a company focused on specialist content processing services including mastering, transcoding and QC, TC Soho sees the value in partnering with a specialist cloud storage solutions provider so that they can focus on investment in their core services: “We don’t want to have to invest in Petabytes of storage kit and the associated support and maintenance costs that accompany it. That is a hugely expensive route to take, and particularly difficult to right-size as we move rapidly towards 4K and other high-resolution formats. Our business model is about providing top quality content processing and delivery, so working with BASE just makes sense.”

Distribution at TC Soho.

Distribution at TC Soho.

Recently launched BASE Media Cloud provides flexible, pay per use cloud storage and work flow solutions for media companies, directly integrated with trusted software products including Signiant Media Shuttle for secure file upload, download and distribution. The company has partnered with Vodafone to build and host its solutions in secure UK data centres, directly connected to Vodafone’s global fibre Internet network.

Ben Foakes, Founder & MD said, “Coming from a post production background means we really understand the challenges that facilities companies face, and the need to focus on their core businesses, rather than having to be masters of everything. The way we have built BASE solutions means that facilities can work with us as specialist partners in the backend technology, saving them time, money and hassle.”

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