Māori Television Selects Interra Systems’ Baton QC Solution

Interra Systems announced that Māori Television, New Zealand has selected its Baton product as their file-QC solution.

Māori Television is New Zealand’s indigenous television station broadcasting programs that make a significant contribution to the revitalization of the Māori language and culture.

As Māori Television transforms to a fully file-based work flow, the Interra Baton Automated file-based QC solution will form an integral part of the conversion to ensure the integrity of the source file throughout its lifecycle by ensuring its compliance, presence and quality.

“The non-linear nature of file-based workflows requires us to have a system to provide quality and integrity checks throughout its lifecycle and to ensure externally delivered media complies to our specifications,” says Gavin Ho, Technology Manager, Māori Television. “The new system will be fully implemented once testing with independent producers is complete. This will enable Māori Television to have the right technological infrastructure to support its future multi-platform operating model. Baton stands out due to its comprehensive features, QC capabilities and focus on customer support. Interra Systems’ technical support is both responsive and extremely reliable.”

“Baton provides the most in-depth video and audio quality checks in the industry, making it the preferred file-based QC tool. An aggressive roadmap and customer focused post-sales support are some of the reasons we are seeing increasing deployment of Baton,” said Sanjay Mittal, Managing Director, Interra Systems. “Broadcasters and post facilities in the APAC and ANZ region are increasingly relying on Baton for delivering quality content. We are very delighted that Māori Television has chosen Baton for their QC needs.

Baton is a multi-platform, enterprise class, automated content verification system for file-based SD, HD, UHD, 4K and mixed workflows. Baton supports a wide range of codecs and media containers, Baton ensures quality control of media content before playout. It is highly flexible and can be quickly scaled for large facilities or high volumes of content. As a hardware and O/S independent solution, Baton easily integrates within a facility’s existing infrastructure.

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