MediaCorp Expands MAM With Dalet

Singaporean national broadcaster MediaCorp is advancing onto the second project of its Dalet-driven enterprise MAM installation, this time with the entirety of the MediaCorp content archive managed within Dalet.

Since early 2014, MediaCorp has been running the Dalet MAM for programme preparation, archiving and production as the lead solution in a major project called Integrated Content-centric file-based Exchange System (ICE). This involved the migration of the facility’s entire studios, video and audio post production and transmission systems to a fully file-based workflow, taking content from ingest to preparation and playout to air, as well as onward for distribution to the broadcaster’s multiple VoD and online platforms. “Under the ICE project, Dalet allowed us to automate many processes and achieve better efficiencies across many aspects of our operations,” states Joe Igoe, CTO, MediaCorp. “The success of the implementation and consequent uplift in productivity gives us confidence to use Dalet again as the enterprise media asset management platform for our next project that coincides with the build-out of our brand new media complex scheduled for late 2015.” 

The design and implementation will allow MediaCorp to realize its long-term vision of creating the ultimate agile ecosystem that integrates systems and sub-systems across the entire workflow. Spearheading the innovative project is local SI Qvest Media.

Since inception, ICE has resulted in more than ten million operations performed on the system, including user tasks and back office functions such as file conversion. The mass digitization of 60,000 archived tapes held on four Sony Flexicarts is on-going under control of Dalet MAM. Up to 200 simultaneous users of Dalet web clients have the ability to QC, log, search, browse and preview content.

The second project of the broadcaster’s MAM strategy, the Content Media eXchange (CMX) is designed to standardize ingest of material across 20 ports of the Dalet Brio servers, and harmonize archive workflow for the entire facility under the Dalet Galaxy platform.

The project takes advantage of being built from the ground-up at MediaCorp’s New Media Complex, a brand new plant at Singapore’s One North technology park, to which it is relocating from the Caldecott Broadcast Centre.

The Dalet Workflow Engine will be at the core of the new MediaCorp installation. Integration with Aspera's Orchestrator gives MediaCorp control over a pool of shared resources to manage transcoding, QC and HSM services. Integration via Dalet Xtend with Adobe Premiere facilitates the exchange of video, shotlists, EDLs and non-destructive metadata in support of workflows such as streaming (proxy) server-side rendering with Adobe Anywhere.

A video editor can select shots from ingests or finished products in Dalet, and send them with metadata to the Interplay working environment. The finished product can then be checked back into Dalet. A unique set of tools in Dalet Track Stacking can manage program preparation using audio, subtitling and video track stacking for multiple distribution platforms and in multiple languages. Subtitle processing enables MediaCorp to more efficiently manage versions and delivery to playout. Dalet On-the-Go mobile application for Android and iOS will provide editorial staff with access to content from anywhere for story contributions, preview and approvals.

All assets and metadata, including archived items, are immediately available for fast production and multiplatform distribution. The Dalet Galaxy unique central content catalogue includes customised and contextual metadata forms, as well as indexation tools that ensure content is better referenced, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient.

See Dalet at IBC stand 8.B77.

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