IHSE KVM Switch Helps Game Creek Produce NASCAR For NBC Sports

Over the July 4th weekend, mobile production specialist Game Creek Video unveiled its new state-of-the-art production truck, marking NBC Sports’ return to broadcasting NASCAR events, at the Daytona International Speedway. The new truck, called “PeacockOne,” is actually made up of two 53 ft. expand units—PeacockOne and PeacockOne B—that will be used to provide full coverage of the NASCAR scheduled events throughout the rest of the 2015 racing season. A key component of this specially designed production unit is a high performance KVM matrix switcher from IHSE, which is used to maximize efficiency for instant replays and video production management.

The addition of IHSE’s KVM matrix switchers in PeacockOne follows Game Creek Video’s recent decision to install IHSE’s KVM equipment in their “FX-HD,” “Riverhawk” and “Spirit” trucks. IHSE said Game Creek recognized the level of connectivity IHSE’s KVM matrix allowed to production teams. Through a few keystroke commands, a workstation can have the use of any available server by instantly connecting the workstation to a specific server. Pre-configured and stored connection paths allow the replay operators to instantly connect to their data servers with no interruption to work flow.

“PeacockOne was designed to push the boundaries for mobile production and we needed a KVM system that helped us meet the critical challenges of shared A/B unit replay sources,” said Jason Taubman, Vice President of Design and New Technology at Game Creek Video. “With the success we had in all our other trucks, it was an easy decision to incorporate the IHSE matrix into PeacockOne.” 

To solve the requirements of shared replay operations between the A/B units, Game Creek selected the IHSE Draco tera enterprise 160-port matrix as the primary KVM switch for “PeacockOne A.”

To solve the requirements of shared replay operations between the A/B units, Game Creek selected the IHSE Draco tera enterprise 160-port matrix as the primary KVM switch for “PeacockOne A.”

Game Creek’s truck design moved the playout and graphics rooms to PeacockOne B and retained the Engineering and main equipment racks in the A unit. So, as with any multiple truck unit, a critical design requirement was how to transparently allow any workstation access to any server connected to the KVM system – no matter if the workstation was in the A unit or B unit.

The new dual-truck combination carries multiple Sony HDC 4300 cameras, a Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame production switcher, Calrec Apollo Bluefin2 Surround Sound Console, Evertz EQX 3G Video and Evertz EMR Audio; and a EVS Replay system.

To solve the requirements of shared replay operations between the A/B units, Game Creek selected the IHSE Draco tera enterprise 160-port matrix as the primary KVM for PeacockOne A and added a Draco compact hybrid 32 fiber/48 copper matrix to PeacockOne B as the expansion KVM. The two KVM matrix systems use 32 fiber interconnects to tieline the units as a single KVM switch system. The KVM grid system connects 24 EVS instant replay sources and 3 IP Director Stations. Software control of the two KVM matrices was handled via IHSE USA’s Grid Manager—a bundled software package allowing up to 16 matrix frames to be integrated into a single control environment.

Game Creek used a combination of IHSE’s Draco vario series of extenders supporting DVI and VGA throughout both units. Each matrix switch included redundant power and connected via a standard network interface for administration setup and diagnostics through IHSE’s tera tool utility software.

IHSE’s KVM flex-port technology provided huge timesavings for pre-configuring ports to specific I/O requirements. The Draco tera compact and enterprise switch systems include instant switching technology allowing quick switching between different formats and display resolutions. Switching between sources was glitch-free and instantaneous thus eliminating the typical eyestrain and annoying tear with less robust systems.

For extending signals to and from the matrix, Game Creek used the IHSE 474 series extenders for DVI and VGA. Optional daughter cards were added to include RS-422 control signals.

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