​DAC Shows Multi-Petabyte Asset Management at IBC

Disk Archive Corporation is showing new features for ALTO, its archive storage system at IBC. These include a fresh approach to disaster recovery, and enhancements which make it easier to manage multi-petabyte systems in unattended data centres.

Specifically, Disk Archive Corporation (DAC) is showing a new browser based user experience for monitoring and management. With the increase in popularity of distributed archives comes a requirement for distributed management and monitoring. The new visual user interface will allow each of the distributed archive nodes and all of the system components to be managed from any location, down to individual disk drive level. This offers a new degree of flexibility for facility managers and administrators to see the entire system resource, at a glance from any location on any Google Chrome enabled device.

“Whether the archive is in a data centre, or as is often the case, in a hazardous or geographically inaccessible location, the new user experience allows the system to be managed and monitored from a network operations centre in a secure location,” states DAC.

Also at IBC, DAC will demonstrate a new shelf-storage management capability for ALTO. The ability to externalise storage media is a capability widely supported in high-end data tape library systems, but the ability to externalise individual disk drives from a petabyte-class disk storage system is claimed as unique to ALTO. With archive disks now costing less than $240 for 8TB, externalising disks can provide another highly very cost effective business continuity strategy for media companies. DAC’s machine-readable labeling facility for externalized disk drives has been developed in conjunction with ALTO Technology Partner, Squared Paper Designs.

DAC is to debut ALTO Protect, a fresh approach to disaster recovery for higher-order storage tiers. Developed in conjunction with Nexus, this simple solution runs in the background on the ALTO Archive and during the course of the day, create a list of new and edited files that need to be protected. The backup process can be pre-programmed to take place on a continuous basis, on-demand, or at a scheduled time when network traffic is at a minimum, to avoid inconvenience to other users. In the event of data loss, or accidental deletion, this simple solution can restore the lost files to the original file system or to an alternative target storage device. ALTO with Protect is a cost-effective, rapid and convenient DR solution for nearline storage or shared editing storage.

“These developments make the simplicity, rapid access and robustness of the ALTO platform the obvious solution in a still wider range of applications,” said Alan Hoggarth, Managing Director, DAC.

Disk Archive Corporation at IBC Stand 8.B38F

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