New Entry Level Flashnet From SGL

MAM and storage are the order of the day for SGL at IBC this year, particular with regards to third party integrations with its FlashNet content management solution. Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

In what seems a new launch, SGL is debuting a new entry-level FlashBox. This provides all the elements of an integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) archive. Without requirement to purchase any additional hardware or software the new version is for smaller broadcasters and content owners to achieve a fully expandable archive.

Elsewhere on its stand, SGL will demonstrate a full archive using Grass Valley Stratus, hosted by a Grass Valley presenter. This solution includes full search, archive and restore integrated directly with SGL FlashNet. The presentation will include FlashNet’s control of job queues directly from Stratus.

There's a demo of Direct Connect for Avid ISIS. This allows Avid ISIS users to quickly transfer high resolution material providing significant benefits when working with longer form content. The advent of 4K and 8K formats has made a huge difference in terms of clarity of image but the sheer size of files can cause bottlenecks, reducing transfer times and hindering system performance. Using Direct Connect, clips or sequences over several GBs in size can be archived and retrieved significantly faster, as can shorter clips with high bit rates such as HD trailers and commercials.

The migration of tape assets from one platform to another, or from one generation to another, is a costly and time-consuming process. The FlashNet Migration Service, also demoed, enables a whole migration to be set up as a single background task that optimises the use of available archiving equipment and speeds up processes, reducing migration times by half.

Since Cloud storage is playing an increasing role within archiving workflows, SGL, working with both Aspera and Data Expedition, can enable broadcasters and content owners to transfer media to Amazon Web Services and Sony Ci cloud services at a guaranteed speed, providing an additional means of storage and disaster recovery workflows.

See SGL at IBC stand 7.J15a

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