Game Creek Supplies EVS Slow-Motion for NESN

Game Creek Video uses EVS and Sony F55 cameras for 360 fps capture of sports for NESN (New England Sports Network). Game Creek has upgraded one EVS server in their “94” expando truck to the 12 configuration, which can record up to eight times (480fps) Super Motion cameras, plus two additional inputs.

Through this new configuration NESN can connect two SONY-F55 cameras running in six times mode (360fps) for HD production, resulting in higher density and more immersive live sports production for sports like professional baseball and hockey.

“Both our regional and national clients are implementing super slow motion across all platforms,” said Garrett Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development, Game Creek Video. “Through its increased support of high-speed cameras, the XT3 will not only help NESN deliver much more compelling live sports coverage but do so more efficiently. The overall viewer experience will be greatly enhanced.”

Game Creek's "94" 53-foot expando truck is equipped with Sony HDC 2500 cameras, Grass valley Cayenne switching and a Calrec Artemis surround audio console.

The EVS XT3 also uses 10GigE connectivity, which allows efficient management of the high-speed content to the central XFile3 archive storage. One operator can now control a higher number of high-speed cameras from one control interface, manage this content easily to the main transportable archive, and distribute content with all users on the existing XNet SDTI network.

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