France Télévisions Chooses ATEME For IP Network

Broadcaster France Télévisions is deploying ATEME Kyrion CM encoders for its nationwide IP contribution network. With over 100 sites, the French public broadcaster’s contribution networks is one of the largest IP-based networks in Europe. The Kyrion encoders enable a H264 HD upgrade, as well as supporting the legacy MPEG-2 SD format.

According to ATEME, the Kyrion encoder has been designed for contribution over satellite, IP and ASI networks, with features such as ultra-fast-boot, and added value features including ABR output and integrated Automatic Repeat reQuest.

The Kyrion CM50000 is based on ATEME's Stream compression engine, and is said to deliver the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with ultra-low latency. HEVC compression software is an upgrade option.

“France Télévisions is known for our high-quality service, in term of video quality and reliability,” said Emmanuel Girouard from FTV. “After extensive evaluation of several encoders, we’ve found that the ATEME Kyrion encoder is the best solution to meet our rigid requirements in term of quality and pricing.”

“With the Kyrion encoder SNMP and REST API, we enabled easy and smooth integration with the France Télévisions 3rd party management system,” said Emmanuel Boureau, vp sales at ATEME. “This enabled seamless transition from MPEG-2 SD legacy encoders to a H.264 HD service within weeks.”

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