Interra Systems Baton Validates South Korean Broadcaster’s Files

South Korea’s Educational Broadcasting System selects Interra Systems for QC.

Interra Systems announced that EBS has selected its Baton product as their QC solution. South Korea’s Educational Broadcasting System or EBS is a major educational television and radio network. EBS broadcasts educational content through various channels of terrestrial TV, FM, satellite cable TV, internet and mobile services.

EBS will pass all their ingested files through Baton QC for compliance and quality control before moving them to playout. Baton is an automated, file-based QC product with multi-platform, automated content verification system for SD, HD, UHD and mixed workflows. Baton's scalable architecture lets users expand their Baton set up as their QC needs grow.

EBS was looking for a QC solution to validate media files before playout. EBS ran Interra Systems’ Baton product through several tests along with other competing products. Baton was selected because it was the only tool that could detect the error points accurately and it reported the results faster than the other competing products.

Interra Systems worked closely with its Korean partner, Namsung, to provide an unparalleled solution. Baton’s in-depth audio quality checks combined with the most comprehensive reporting capability makes it just the right solution for quality conscious customers like EBS.

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