Mobile Production Company TNDV Captures The Action With Hitachi HD Cameras

Remote live production company, TNDV, has purchased five new Hitachi Z-HD6000 broadcast cameras for its fleet of seven trucks. The camera, with its three CMOS sensors, has a reputation for high performance for mid-range budgets.

TNDV President/Owner Nic Dugger said that his company is a long time user of Hitachi cameras and the latest model, the Z-HD6000, offers high-quality sensor and processing technologies within the camera for live events with added visual elements or when working in harsh weather conditions.

“The Z-HD6000 operates consistently across different conditions,’ Dugger said, “delivering pristine quality while up against the dynamics of LED lighting, direct sunlight, overcast conditions and more. A great example was the recent NCAA Final Four Concert Series, where TNDV used these cameras to shoot outdoor musical performances outside the venue. The network cut between the concerts and the Final Four broadcast feed, with no change in picture quality.”

The Z-HD6000 features three 2/3-inch format MOS sensors and proprietary digital signal processing to deliver high-quality color images and control of all parameters.

TNDV’s “Vibration” is one of the rucks that truck will use the new Hitachi HD cameras.

TNDV’s “Vibration” is one of the rucks that truck will use the new Hitachi HD cameras.

“One comment I continually hear from my crew is the superiority and accuracy of the black levels, which are rendered naturally without applying any further video enhancement functions,” said Dugger. “And the ability to dial up the Chroma saturation and color levels on pictures is something we can fully take advantage of with the Z-HD6000 and our other Hitachi cameras.”

The Z-HD6000 also offers virtually no vertical smear, F12 standard sensitivity, over 1000 TV lines of native 1920[h] x 1080[v] pixel resolution as well as Hitachi’s Real-Time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC) function, which automatically improves the optical performance of existing HD lenses. The Hitachi camera gives users a choice of operating on fiber or digital triax cable, external auto-setup, comprehensive color correction functions, IP network control, dual memory skin tone detail, AC prompter power, and two intercom and IFB channels.

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