Merging upgrades Pyramix and VCube

Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies introduced a number of software updates for both its audio and video products during NAB 2015, including the Pyramix sound editing and recording platform and the VCube video player. These now feature 64-bit working, which is claimed to bring greater efficiency and power to the running of both systems, plus a range of features for specific tasks.

Merging is best known for its Pyramix non-linear audio workstation, which is commonly used in high-end sound to picture post-production. Pyramix 10 has been upgraded to work specifically with spatial surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D, with the capability to accommodate any other large loudspeaker number configuration, including the NHK 22.2 system for 4k and 8k. While Pyramix has been used for Atmos and Auros in the past it now features a 3D pan control work with a new bus construction that allows sound editors and mixers to work beyond channel-based 5.1 and 7.1 systems.

While it established its name in the audio sector, Merging has also produced video products to enable the closer integration of the two disciplines. This is shown by Pyramix now incorporating video playback. The workstation is able to monitor two video signals with no requirement for other players. It also offers clip-based rendering for effects work, a feature that has been added in response to requests from users.

Merging's standalone video product is the VCube player, which is able to integrate Blackmagic Design DeckLink PCI Express capture cards for 4k operation. As well as this VCube can also work with AJA cards, which the company says allows audio post houses to playback and record almost every video format at a lower cost than other image options.

Also shown during NAB were the Horus and Hapi networked audio interfaces, which, among other features, offer the RAVENNA audio over IP technology and the AES67 interoperability standard.

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