Modern VideoFilm Upgrades QC Process With Interra Systems’ Baton

Interra Systems’ Baton Automated QC system use expands across the globe.

Interra Systems recently announced that Modern VideoFilm is using its Baton content verification solution at its Burbank and Santa Monica, California facilities. Baton is an automated content verification (or quality control) system for file-based workflows. Modern VideoFilm provides post-production and distribution services to the film, television and media content industries.

Modern VideoFilm has been using Baton for the automated QC of studio clients' theatrical titles for several years. Baton allows facilities to automate the QC process for tighter integration into its file based workflows. The granularity and scalability of Baton has allowed Modern VideoFilm to streamline processes and save time and money while freeing up QC operators to perform 100% quality control evaluations.

Interra Systems also announced DigiInnovations has selected the Baton QC platform for analyzing and perfecting its content. Located in Taiwan, DigiInnovations (formerly Bossdom Technology) provides post production services and content preparation for stored media. Similarly, Interra announced that A+V Chile (Amasv) has selected Interra’s Baton® product as their QC solution. A+V delivers advertising spots and media working with advertising agencies, TV stations, and cable service providers in seven Latin American countries.

Baton solution is the first Auto QC tool (AQC) to achieve the AMWA certification in the “File Analyzer” category of new DPP (Digital Production Partnership) Compliance Programme. Baton Version 6.0.2, certified by DPP/AMWA, provides a broad range of enterprise-class features, and can now be used by production companies to deliver Compliant files when accompanied with a valid Baton QC report in either PDF or XML format.

DPP is a non-profit initiative led by several UK public broadcasters, targeting easy distribution of digital content along with sharing of information and best practices among broadcasters. The Advanced Media Workflow Association, Inc. (AMWA) focuses on file-based workflows to benefit content creators including film, television, advertising, internet and post-production professionals. After the File-Reader and File-writer Compliance programme, DPP rolled out the Auto QC Certification programme, closely working with AMWA to promote interoperability between products used in the delivery of AS-11 DPP format MXF files. This is expected to vastly improve the content delivery process by production companies to broadcasters.

Baton adoption continues in the post production industry as more organizations realize they can mirror the content verification plans of their distribution partners using the same software.

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