DekTec Debuts Pocket All-band Modulator

Doctor Who fans will be familiar with the sonic screwdriver, a multi-functional tool that acts as a sonic modulator as well as a multitude of other capabilities. If you are looking for a pocket-sized r.f. modulator for satellite, cable and terrestrial standards, DekTec has released a cool-looking all-standard all-band modulator that supports ATSC and DVB standards.

The DekTec DTU-315 is powered via a USB-3 interface, which also provides a control and data interface. F and BNC cable assemblies are included with the product.

  • Fully agile from 36 to 2150MHz, covering VHF, UHF and L-band
  • Modulation bandwidth up to 70MHz
  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported standard
  • Digital channel simulator option including multipath echo and AWGN

The modulator is used with DekTec’s StreamXpressTM for easy generation of RF test signals, or you can write your own application using the free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI).

Applications for the pocket modulator include:

  • RF test generator in your R&D lab or factory for developing, qualifying or repairing any equipment with a DTV antenna input; 
  • a portable demo set for TV receivers, easy to carry to customer demos, trade shows, etc; 
  • or for TV transmission and distribution using modulated signals in retail, hotels, hospitals, etc.

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