Intelsat and ScheduALL optimise Occasional Use satellite capacity

Satellite provider Intelsat and ScheduALL has launched ScheduALL Connector, which enables Intelsat customers to better manage their occasional use (OU) capacity needs.

Using the software, Intelsat’s sales partners and media customers can manage their assets and view Intelsat’s available capacity, quickly match it to their needs and reserve it directly from within their own system.

According to ScheduALL, the software improves operational efficiency by reducing the need to manually transfer data between different systems, as well as to reconcile booking and billing records.

“As part of improving and automating our booking and scheduling process for OU services, ScheduALL Connector offers our sales partners and customers an option to link directly with Intelsat’s ScheduALL system to access Intelsat capacity,” said Peter Ostapiuk, Head of Media Services, Intelsat. “This provides media customers the ability to directly locate and select the resources best suited for their needs. This is especially important during times when there is a huge peak in demand and additional capacity is needed.”

ScheduALL Connector will help Intelsat’s media customers effectively manage their capacity during fast-breaking news events when finding available capacity quickly is essential to transmitting live coverage to global audiences. In addition, it will help customers better manage bandwidth fluctuation during mission-critical disaster relief activities and major sports and entertainment events.

CBS' Director, Broadcast Development, Christine Ehrenbard is quoted saying that using the service, “We’re able to easily reconcile services and focus on growing other aspects of our business.”

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