Spectra Logic adds MAM clients for deep storage

Spectra Logic has added a number of new clients to its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway. The integration with several leading MAM vendors’ technology, allows MAMs, editing suites, and media handlers direct access to deep storage.

BlackPearl enabled applications have direct access to archives using standard cloud APIs, allowing large objects to be securely stored and retrieved quickly and easily. Using LTFS, media content that is stored as self-describing objects can be retrieved anytime independent of the original application that wrote them.

Current BlackPearl clients include Avid Interplay; Cambridge Imaging Systems, Imagen; Empress, eMAM.

Partnerships with clients currently in development include:Archimedia: Atlas; FilmPartners: MXFserver; Levels Beyond: Reach Engine; Marquis: Project Parking; QLS Distribution (CatDV): FocalPoint Server; Tiger Technology: Tiger Series; TMD: Mediaflex; Vidispine: Vidispine Enterprise MAM; Vizrt: VizOne.

“In M&E it’s all about the media; there’s more of it and it’s more valuable than ever, however having it all directly accessible has been costly and difficult to manage,” said Spectra Logic’s CTO Matt Starr. “Spectra and its partners are applying both object storage and a cloud-like approach to provide the simplicity and elasticity of the cloud, on premise or at remote locations. This is the only approach that keeps costs in check while still protecting your assets in an environment dealing with exponential data growth.”

Spectra Logic also released its own Windows/Mac deep storage browser, available in Spectra Logic’s Developer Program and open source community.

At NAB it unveiled a Network File Interface for its nTier Verde NAS product. This provides automated data movement from Verde disk to tape through BlackPearl.

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