Triveni Digital demos Targeted Ad System for ATSC 3.0

Together with GatesAir, LG, and Zenith, Triveni Digital shows broadcasters how to leverage the Next-Generation television standard .

At NAB, Triveni Digital will demonstrate a unique, new targeted advertising application for the ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast television standard. The demonstration includes technologies from LG Electronics, Zenith, and GatesAir,

The targeted advertising technology is built on FUTURECAST transmission technology and utilizes a GatesAir exciter and receiver developed by LG and Zenith, its U.S. R&D subsidiary. The system seamlessly delivers addressable content on two LG smart TVs that render the advertisement slot differently while displaying identical programmatic content.

The demonstration will show how broadcasters can leverage ATSC 3.0 technologies to extend their current service by efficiently distributing addressable content to viewers, such as targeted ads or personalized/localized program elements. This results in a better TV experience while enabling broadcasters to extend the cost effectiveness of their advertising messages to a broader range of advertisers in local communities.

Triveni Digital is an active participant in the development of ATSC 3.0, with the company's chief science officer, Dr. Richard Chernock, serving as chair of the ATSC's TG3 Technology and Standards Group.

The demonstration will take place at the ATSC Technology Pavilion, booth N5637, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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