Vizrt To Show End-to-End 4K Workflows At NAB Show

The workflows are designed to make possible 4K live video and graphics production without compromising high storytelling standards.

Vizrt has teamed up with Matrox and NVIDIA to build 4K production workflows broadcasters can rely on for and end-to-end Ultra-HD operation and will demo it at the NAB Show, April 13-16, in Las Vegas.

The workflows are designed to make possible 4K live video and graphics production without compromising high storytelling standards.

The Viz Engine provides a one-box system of 4K-enable elements that reduces how much equipment is needed for production. Viz One is a scalable media asset management system where 4K content is managed. From the MAM, 4K graphics and video can be integrated into newsroom production, sports, weather and promotions and played live on-air via the Viz Engine.

The Viz Engine is among the first products to be integrated with Matrox’s new X.mio3 graphics card, a half-length PCI Express card providing multi-channel SDI I/O with hardware processing. This gives the 4K Viz Engine 12 reconfigurable I/Os and accelerated multi-channel processing.

Delivering the processing power for the new 4K workflow is the recently announced NVIDIA Quadro M6000 graphics card. The card is based on NVIDIA’s Maxell GPU architecture and has 12GB of onboard graphics memory. Together they deliver processing needed for challenging graphics workloads and power interactive, photorealistic visualization.

See Vizrt at NAB Show booth SL2417.

See Matrox at NAB 2015 booth SL5817.

See NVIDIA at NAB 2015 booth S116LMR.

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