NetApp debuts Object Storage Appliance at NAB

NetApp has a new object storage solution on show at NAB. StorageGRID Webscale is available as an appliance or as software only and is for multi-petabyte distributed content repositories. It provides erasure coding or, alternatively, automatic file copies to remote locations.

“Our customers are looking for storage solutions that can improve efficiency across production, management, delivery, transaction, and analytic workflows,” said Jason Danielson, media and entertainment solutions. “NetApp’s advances in data mobility, flash integration, and video bandwidth can allow better HD/4K production, media lifecycle management, viewer analytics, data security, and cloud transition strategies. This ultimately improves ROI.”

Also at NAB from NetApp is the Clustered Data ONTAP operating system running on the company’s new FAS8000. This is said to provide “drastically” improved video bandwidth and “always-on operations for local broadcast news operations, advertising sales, animation and VFX rendering, viewer analytics, and high-speed transcoding for digital platforms.

The ONTAP operating system is also available in the AWS marketplace for cloud-based agility and cost benefits. The NetApp Private Storage for the cloud gives the benefits of cloud computing with the data security features of NetApp private storage. The NetApp SteelStore product provides backup and archive capabilities to the AWS Cloud with all the benefits of Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storage services. In addition, media operations can take advantage of NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating system functionality by renting cloud services from one of our many cloud service provider partners. IBM’s SoftLayer will present several media cloud services in the NetApp booth.

NetApp at NAB booth SL13309

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