Tektronix To Tackle 4K with WFM/WVR8000 Series at NAB Show

The WFM/WVR8000 series offers those involved in the production and delivery of 4K content with a means to test and monitor their 4K content to ensure the highest level of content quality.

Tektronix will feature the new WFM/WVR8000 series of waveform monitors and rasterizers with quad-3G-SDI inputs at NAB 2015.

The WFM/WVR8000 series offers a comprehensive monitoring and measurement solution for quad-link 4K/UHDTV1 formats for camera lineup, color grading, color correction QC, and facility maintenance applications.

To make the platform future-proof, the WFM/WVR8000 series was designed with an internal architecture that can handle 4K data rates, which allow implementation of 4K/UHDTV1 formats to the products as an existing product upgrade. This effectively eliminates the need to incur the unnecessary capital expense of having to purchase new monitoring equipment when transitioning to 4K.

New capabilities include ITU-R BT.2020 color space support in waveform, vector, picture, and Tektronix patented gamut display mode, square division and 2-sample interleave 4K formats support, 4K video session display, Tektronix patented timing display with the new 4K link timing measurements, as well as audio loudness monitoring and ancillary data support for 4K content.

See Tektronix at NAB Show booth SU9121.

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