ScheduALL Speeds Organized and Cross-Referenced Resource Booking

ScheduALL’s transmission solutions improve occasional use booking efficiencies and profitability.

ScheduALL will spotlight its powerful self-serve, end-to-end provisioning and scheduling solutions, ScheduALL Portal and ScheduALL Connector at NAB 2015.

Portal simplifies making complex bookings of Occasional Use transmission feeds in real-time, directly into a transmission provider's system. Using a browser-based, user-friendly wizard for selling transmission feeds, Portal allows users to quickly make transmission bookings without requiring in-depth network expertise. Meanwhile, behind the scenes Portal leverages the unrivaled power and complexity of ScheduALL's transmission scheduling and conflict resolution.

Connector takes advantage of ScheduALL's large global community of transmission inventory consumers and providers across more than 50 countries that use ScheduALL to manage their feeds. Connector provides a direct link between OU providers and their customers, uniting ScheduALL systems across global trading partners.

These self-provisioning solutions eliminate emails, phone calls and spreadsheets, and provide visibility and intelligent control to streamline the entire end-to-end process from booking to distribution. Transmission providers and their customers have a centralized view of a global resource network, increasing revenue through maximized utilization.

ScheduALL will exhibit at NAB 2015 in booth SU3821.

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