HBO chooses General Dynamics Middleware For Eastern Europe Promo Insertion.

HBO Europe chooses General Dynamics Mediaware to handle promo insertion for Eastern Europe

Australian technology company General Dynamics Middleware announced that their InStream MPEG splicing and transport stream server solution was installed by HBO Europe in the Adria region, covering Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Bulgaria. The system is being used to manage 5 incoming shared broadcast streams generating a total of 20 individualised channels inserted for each of the countries with localized promotional material, accompanied with language appropriate audio, subtitles and teletext, capable of supporting additional channels as required.

The Adria territories are served from the same video feed and the new solution removes the need to use ‘burnt-in’ English text elements while providing high quality, localized programming to Adria viewers. The frame accurate splicing achieved by InStream Splice will guarantee a high quality look and feel for HBO Europe promotional elements.

InStream Splice is a scalable TV channel ad insertion and play-out server that improves end-to-end quality by leveraging the efficiencies of MPEG for ASI and IP networks. A multi-channel software solution, InStream is a splicer that combines the discreet functions of video switcher, video server, logo inserter and character generator in a non-proprietary form factor. All functions operate frame accurately on MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC, in operational modes that are familiar to broadcasters.

With an expanded portfolio of features including HEVC ready insertion, automation, time delay and logo insertion, InStream offers a unified, scalable platform that leverages General Dynamics Mediaware’s strengths in compressed technology and efficient processing.

See General Dynamics Mediaware at NAB 2015 Booth SU 6505.

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