Veset Brings Live Coverage To the 25th Annual Riga Marathon

On May 17th, viewers from around the world will be able to see live coverage of the 25th annual Riga Marathon. Veset, a provider of cloud-based playout solutions and services, will partner with Latvia’s largest Telco to create a TV channel dedicated solely to the coverage of this iconic race.

For the first time since the Riga Marathon started 25 years ago, people will be able to follow the race on live television. This year, the Marathon organisers decided to create a temporary linear TV channel to broadcast all the news and events surrounding the race. They chose Veset to help televise the Marathon and coverage, which started on March 23rd.

Veset’s pioneering cloud playout, Veset Nimbus, gives broadcasters a tool that substantially reduces the cost of launching new channels. As the Riga Marathon channel demonstrates Veset Nimbus opens the door for temporary event-driven linear channels to be created quickly and without investment. Such channels can be quickly launched delivering new business opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers.

Deployable on hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure, Veset Nimbus delivers a fully 4K ready broadcast grade SLA of 99.999 at an extremely compelling price. In partnership with the best in class providers of IP transport Veset delivers end-to-end services to clients seeking to increase their operational flexibility while maintaining high standards of reliability.

Veset CEO, Gatis Gailis has been an avid supporter of the Riga Marathon and has participated in the race many times since its inception, even running the full 43K in 2010. This year too, Gailis will join the record-setting twenty three thousand plus runners as they attempt this endurance run.

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