Mix and Match Codec with Elemental Statmux

Elemental Technologies has claimed the industry’s first software-based multi-codec, multi-resolution statistical multiplexer. Elemental Statmux,launching at NAB, is part of a broader Elemental initiative to enable broadcasters, content owners and pay TV operators to implement flexible and scalable infrastructure that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen linear video delivery.

Statmux allows operators to mix and match different codecs within their workflows and delivery networks and thoroughly optimise bandwidth usage while putting forward new linear and OTT service offerings in a unified approach.

Uruguayan pay TV operator TCC is using the product to optimise its linear video delivery.and found that in tests it gave 15 to 20 percent bandwidth savings compared to TCC’s existing video processing solution.

“TCC is currently deploying Elemental Statistical Multiplexing on our DVB-S2 satellite infrastructure,” said Marcelo Coggan, CTO, TCC. “Our investment in technology from Elemental is strategic as it positions us not only as a leading pay TV operator but also as a provider to a multitude of pay TV operators in South America.”

A mux group containing UHD 4K channels along with HD and SD channels, allowing optimized bandwidth usage.

For more sophisticated 4K UHD TV and unified headend strategies, Elemental Live encoders can ingest 4K UHD or HD content and transcode it into parallel HEVC UHD and MPEG-2 or H.264 HD and SD streams, allowing a single system to create multi-resolution channel statmux outputs from a single source.

According to the company, the ability to mix resolutions and codecs on the same mux channel opens many different possibilities for TV operators and enables a smooth migration path from legacy standards.

“Only software-defined video solutions from Elemental can offer linear TV and pay TV service providers alike complete control of the entire content delivery chain through unified infrastructure,” said Aslam Khader, chief product officer. “As linear content providers add additional service offerings, they are able to quickly scale up and introduce new features with flexible software from Elemental.”

Elemental Technologies is at NAB booth SU2724

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