Boris and Imagineer Merge Graphics and VFX at NAB

Boris FX and Imagineer Systems will be previewing new versions of flagship products, Boris Continuum Complete and mocha Pro, at NAB following the recent merger of the companies.

“Following the successful merger, we will preview the work of our combined development teams,” explained Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO, Boris FX. “By incorporating mocha's powerful planar tracking directly into Continuum Complete and also giving mocha Pro the ability to launch as a plug-in, we’ll bring more advanced visual effects tools directly to hosts such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.”

Yamnitsky continues, “Beyond the mocha integration, we will be showcasing many new product features including: BCC Title Studio, a new creative tool built to design and animate 3D titles and motion graphics, and BCC Beauty Studio, a new digital makeup tool for skin smoothing and removing blemishes - all based on shared technology between Boris FX and Imagineer Systems."

Any purchases of BCC or mocha Pro made after March 25, 2015 will receive free upgrades to the next major versions which will ship later this year.

Coming soon is the Boris Continuum Complete VFX plug-in suite version 10 which promises greater integration with mocha, new 3D titling tools, import of Cinema 4D models, new image restoration filters, new transitions, and added host support.

The new features in the mocha Pro 5 plug-in includes the ability to launch mocha Pro directly from the host application timeline. Includes Avid AVX, Adobe After Effects & Premiere, and OFX host support. There is a new effects panel with integrated tools for keying, grain generation, sharpening, skin smoothing, and more.

“For years users have looked for tighter mocha integration with their host timeline and media,” says Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Boris FX/Imagineer. “With the new ability to launch directly as a plug-in, we are providing a much smoother experience for Avid, Premiere, and Resolve users, as well as our core base of After Effects and NUKE artists.

“Additionally the new effects filters built in collaboration with Boris FX bring indispensable features directly to mocha Pro such as an integrated keyer that will improve roto-masking and sharpen and grain tools that improve the object remove and image restoration capabilities.”

See Boris FX and Imagineer Systems at NAB Booth SL4225

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