Updates to EditShare Flow MAM at NAB

EditShare has the latest release of its media asset management platform, EditShare Flow 3.2 at NAB.

The release has new format support, remote collaboration and automation capabilities. Expanded support for 4K codecs and single-file-per-frame formats such as DPX and CinemaDNG; download capabilities expand the remote collaboration power of AirFlow, the web-based portal into the MAM system.

“Flow is the key to building a much more efficient production workflow and minimizing the time spent manually ingesting, transcoding and moving media,” comments Jeff Herzog, product manager, EditShare. “Its wide-ranging format support combined with new Watch Folder and FTP delivery options will, in many cases, alleviate the need for dedicated transcoding tools, making Flow 3.2 a must-have platform. Facilities can automatically process and standardise a wide range of disparate incoming media formats, making content ready for editing as quickly as possible.”

Enhancements to AirFlow allow users to batch download high-resolution media files as well as proxies via a web browser from anywhere in the world, opening up remote collaboration and proxy workflows. In addition, Flow’s expanded format support means facilities can better manage 4K formats such as ProRes 4444, AVC-Ultra and XAVC as well as R3D files and one-file-per-frame formats including DPX, CinemaDNG, ARRIRAW, PNG and TIFF.

EditShare are at NAB booth SL10510

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