Triveni Digital Upgrades StreamScope To Measure New FCC Rules Compliance

Triveni Digital adds next-generation closed-caption monitoring capabilities to StreamScope RM-40.

Triveni Digital has launched next-generation closed-caption monitoring and auditing capabilities for its StreamScope RM-40 transport stream monitoring system. The new capabilities allow operators to monitor closed-caption information for multiple TV services, to assure compliance with FCC 14-12, the U.S. government’s regulation for the provisioning of closed captions in television programming. By ensuring that all closed captions are accurate, synchronized, complete, and appropriately placed on-screen, the StreamScope RM-40 increases viewer satisfaction while helping TV operators avoid FCC fines.

To bring Triveni Digital customers up to speed with the new rules specified in FCC 14-12, the company has released a software update for the StreamScope RM-40. The new software allows operators to easily monitor closed-caption information and eliminate any issues.

The StreamScope RM-40 platform is designed to simultaneously monitor multiple inputs, including QAM, ASI, GigE, 8-VSB, and SMPTE-310, for rule-based monitoring of industry standards and customized performance targets. Using the platform, operators can continuously monitor EIA-608, EIA-708-E, SCTE 20, and SCTE 21 closed captions encoded in MPEG-2 and AVC (H.264) for linear video services.

The RM-40 platform collects metrics across all of the services in the transport stream and counts the presentable and control characters. This allows operators to determine whether the problem is due to missing closed-caption data or because of a faulty device located upstream. After a closed-caption issue has been detected, the StreamScope RM-40 provides engineers with a real-time report that includes high-resolution video thumbnails and text associated with the caption, enabling them to quickly pinpoint the issue and resolve it.

Triveni Digital will exhibit at the 2015 NAB Show in booth SU8802.

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