Promise Technology To Show Scale-Out Storage Solutions

Promise Technology will demonstrate its new scale-out storage solutions, called the VSky A-Series. The VSky A-Series’ architecture allows businesses to scale, access and archive at petabyte volumes.

The Promise Technology VSky A-Series platform provides a single infrastructure with scale out capability for object, file, and block level storage. As an all-in-one storage solution, VSky A-Series overcomes the complicated issue of managing different storage systems and can deliver data protection and object, NAS and iSCSI SAN functions via a single management interface.

VSky A-Series products are integrated solutions with both the software and hardware provided by PROMISE. This eliminates the installation and support issues that arise when integrating scale-out storage and commodity hardware from different vendors. Additionally, VSky A-Series software and hardware have been tested extensively to deliver optimized performance for a range of applications, including for customers in the video surveillance and media and entertainment markets.

VSky A-Series scale-out storage solutions can be deployed as the models A1100 and A1970. VSky A1100 is a series of 1RU gateway servers that connect to Promise Vess and VTrak storage, providing a unified storage pool for a large number of clients to access. VSky A1970 is a high-density 4U 70 bay, top loaded storage server solution with two independent server nodes. The VSky A1970’s design reduces the data center footprint, helping to lower IT, power and cooling costs.

At the NAB Show Promise will demonstrate the benefits of the VSky A-Series by connecting its new scale-out storage solution with FileCruiser, its Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution. The demonstration will simulate a data center environment with FileCruiser running as a virtual machine with its data backed up on VSky A-Series. Additionally, PROMISE will showcase its Vess R2000 high-availability dual controller NAS in a demonstration with VMware vSphere.

Promise Technology will be exhibiting in NAB 2015 Booth SL12109

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