SGL demonstrate open approach of FlashNet at NAB

SGL is launching a new version of its content management solution FlashNet at NAB highlighting how its open approach integrates with third party MAM or automation control systems to improve workflow efficiency. This includes fresh integration with GV Stratus and Aspera.

SGL will demonstrate a full archive integration using Grass Valley Stratus including full search, archive and restore directly with SGL FlashNet. The presentation will include FlashNet’s control of job queues directly from GV Stratus.

Integration with Aspera means users can transfer media to the cloud at a guaranteed speed providing an additional means of storage and disaster recovery workflows.

There will also be a full archive demonstration of FlashNet via Avid’s Interplay PAM system.

The migration of tape assets from one platform to another, or from one generation to another, is a costly and time-consuming process. That's where SGL's new FlashNet Migration Service steps in. It enables a whole migration to be set up as a single background task that optimises the use of available archiving equipment and is claimed to speed up processes, reducing migration times by half.

The company is also unveiling partial file restore capability via Avid Web Services. “SGL’s support for Avid Web Services means that customers can use the archive capabilities that they currently require, but can employ Avid Integrated Archive at any time in the future without the need to re-archive any content,” explained the company.

The latest version of FlashWeb includes enhanced search capabilities and simplified navigation allowing broadcasters and content owners to easily archive and restore material to any configured FlashNet disk or tape group. This can be achieved without the need for a controlling MAM or automation system.

SGL is at NAB Booth SL5306.

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